Everis is an NTT DATA Company, dedicated to consulting and outsourcing in all sectors, with a turnover of EUR 1.45 billion in the last financial year. We are a large family with 27,000 professionals across Europe, USA and Latin America.
Into our Technology & Advanced Solutions division, we have the Digital Architecture cluster, a cross-unit value proposition able to provide a powerful e2e offering when combined with sectoral knowledge.
For clients who believe in using exponential technologies as a leverage for improving their business performance, Digital Architecture delivers capabilities to speed up, increase flexibility and robustness solutions in technology landscape in the company due to holistic vision and pragmatic approaches based on the new architecture paradigms.
In this speech we show some technical projects, frameworks and assets about the current most important area in the IT market like AI, IoT, Application & Integration Architecture, UX/UI.

Questo webinar si è tenuto nell’ambito di Lavoro Digitale Italia, l’arena virtuale delle professioni digitali.