Webinar tenuto il 14 giugno 2022 nell’ambito di Lavoro Digitale Italia

Since maritime navigation across the globe requires nautical charts, we need to represent the world in two dimensions. We can use many different projections to flatten the world, and Mercator is the most common in marine navigation.

The purpose of this talk will be to address world representation and map digitalization processes used in modern and technologically advanced companies. Today’s map cartography needs to be easily accessible from users across the world on a significant multitude of different devices. Therefore 3d modelling and vertical data resolution technologies shall allow that cartography content can be readily available.

We will explain the differences between vectorial and raster maps and how in Navionics we use them.
We will also illustrate and demonstrate drawing of cartography content through overlapping layers and how, in Navionics, we address safety constraints specific to the Marine domain while also preventing data cluttering. We will expose the complexity of digital map distribution systems in Multiplatform environments (web, mobile, and embedded) and the caching and optimization techniques adopted to improve the user experience.

Relatore: Raul Pra Levis – SW Manager – Cartography Engineering